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Multiple Brands. One Mission

Our History:

Colorado Favorites Since 2016

Our food truck story starts in 2015, when David, who dreamed of starting a restaurant his whole life, had the vision for our first truck – Mac ‘N Noodles. Over the course of the next 10 months of testing and planning our secret cheese sauce was developed. It was then on May 24th, 2016, that Mac ‘N Noodles would officially hit the Denver roads. From here we built a menu and brand around serving a consistently cheesy, but delicious comfort food that knows no boundaries.

In 2019 we were fortunate enough to build out our second Mac ‘N Noodles truck. It was at this point we knew we had something that could work. We had a great team and an amazing product. Denver had a new favorite food truck, and that truck was…Mac ‘N Noodles.

In 2020 we started to make our biggest changes while the world was turned upside down. We were starting to smoke our meats and find ways to enhance our Mac ‘N Cheese. It was at this moment a friend in the business approached us about running his truck. He was moving to Vermont and leaving poor Betsy (Pig Rig truck’s name) behind. As he learned more about how we were smoking our meats, the idea of having us run his barbecue truck started to take hold. We were now taking our slow smoked meat game to the next level. The Colorado Pig Rig would be home to amazing smoked meats, homemade sauces, and rich Kansas City style barbecue. The truck has become a staple caterer of corporate events and weddings. Today, we continue the tradition and love for barbecue that started in 2015.

As luck would have it in 2021 another popular food truck owner was moving on. Jacob had a great product. The burgers were delicious, and he wanted his passion and hard work to continue without him. He approached us seeing the care and love we put into our other concepts. The food and our guests were always at the forefront of the business. He knew then and there that the passion and love for the Burger Bus could live on. Knowing we always loved burgers it was as mutual as ketchup and mustard. The Burger Bus was officially the newest member of Food Truck Avenue.

With the summer nights turning to fall and the calendar flipping to 2022, we were just starting to have fun. Between Burgers, Mac ‘N Cheese, Barbecue, and Tacos we were able to create multiple outlets to express and show our passion for food. As the Food Truck Avenue brand started to grow, we never forgot about our homemade cheese sauce where it all began. This cheese sauce would inspire our newest concept, Mile High Cheesesteaks. Mile High Cheesesteaks reimagines a classic Philadelphia comfort food by infusing it with unique flavors and local ingredients.

By April 2022 we were on the move again. We have always loved tacos. It is why we keep them on our barbecue truck. Now things are different. We wanted to kick it up a notch and really focus on the nitty gritty and the details. What makes tacos so fun for us is the blank slate. It all starts with a tortilla. From here the imagination grows and your only limits are the base your tortilla forms. With Denver Street Tacos the flavors of the world are now in the palm of your hand.

Now with multiple concepts – Food Truck Avenue has become a well-rounded full-service caterer in Colorado. We are the first and only collective of food trucks that are all owned and operated under one roof. We strive to be your one stop shop for all things food trucks. Through passion, hard work, and pride in our work, we look forward to bringing our trucks and talents to your next event!

One-Stop Shop for all your Denver Area Food Truck & Catering Needs.

At Food Truck Avenue, we’re crazy about three things: Serving awesome food to awesome people at awesome events. As the first (and only!) food truck conglomerate in Colorado, we know how to make a corporate event, holiday gathering, or wedding special. There’s something for everyone across our fleet’s multiple concepts!

Since 2016

This was the first food truck to join our fleet. Since then, Mac N’ Noodles has become Denver’s go-to food truck for gourmet twists on this classic dish. Prepare to rethink everything you think you know about cheesy noodles with menu items like our buffalo chicken or carnitas mac and cheese!

Since 2020

Healthy food you actually want to eat? Find out just how fun and tasty eating healthy can be. We take pride in sourcing fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables that can bring out natural flavors where you don’t have to feel bad about seconds!

Since 2021

Introducing The Walking Taco, where taco cravings meet convenience on-the-go! Our food truck, ingeniously designed with the motto “All The Taco None of The Mess,” redefines taco enjoyment. Embrace the mantra that newer is always better as we elevate the traditional bagged taco with our chef-inspired innovation.

Since 2023

When you seek to excite, impress, and truly wow with your food, Grazing Denver is your ultimate solution. We specialize in crafting one-of-a-kind culinary artistry, offering stunning and delicious grazing displays that are both visually captivating and exceptionally fresh. These creations embody the beauty of food, delivering an unparalleled and unforgettable dining experience that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

Your One-Stop Shop for Denver’s Favorite Food Trucks

With multiple unique concepts, we’ve got plenty of options for catering ANY event, from company picnics to full-family wedding parties. Take all of the hassles out of catering your next event—and get ready to blow some minds when you do so—by scheduling Food Truck Avenue today!

Since 2015

Meet the hands-down best Kansas City BBQ on wheels. All of the classics are here: smoked pork, southwestern chicken, and plenty of rich, barbequed beef. This truck is popular at weddings for a reason: it’s the perfect way to turn a dinner into a feast.

Burger Bus

Since 2017

Burgers + buses. What’s not to love? This food truck is actually a renovated school bus, and it serves up burgers that are equal parts nostalgic and mind-blowing. Grab a quick snack with our single-patty freshman burger or chow down on a massive, two-patty senior burger!

Since 2021

Who says Denver can’t do cheesesteaks? East (coast) meets (mid)West with a menu that plays plenty of tribute to this Philadelphia classic! We use the highest quality cuts of beef and fresh hoagie rolls, along with a secret blend of spices, in order to serve a cheesesteak unlike any other.

Denver Street Tacos

Since 2022

Let’s taco bout it. Hard shell, white corn, yellow corn, we don’t discriminate. Focusing on a diverse world-centric menu we strive to make our presence known. From our Korean Bulgogi taco to our classic Grandma’s taco, our Pig Rig taco and everything in between we make flavor happen. Taco Tuesday now happens 7 days/week.

Since 2023

Get ready to indulge in a whimsical world of strawberry shortcake desserts that will transport you back to childhood. Every bite is a sweet escape into a magical world of imagination and flavor. Join us on this culinary adventure and make each day a celebration of Strawberry Shortcake.

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