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Introducing The Walking Taco, Lakewood’s go-to destination for taco delights on-the-go! Our food truck, creatively crafted with the motto “All The Taco None of The Mess,” brings the essence of tacos like you’ve never seen before.

Let’s taco bout it. Hard shell, white corn, yellow corn, we don’t discriminate. Focusing on a diverse world-centric menu we strive to make our presence known. From our Korean Bulgogi taco to our classic Grandma’s taco, our Pig Rig taco and everything in between we make flavor happen. Taco Tuesday now happens 7 days/week.

Life is short, so why not eat dessert first? Our Strawberry Shortcake Food Truck takes you on an irresistible journey into the realm of sinful sweets. Crafted with a secret family shortbread recipe, homemade whipped cream, and fresh fruit, this delightful creation will make you feel good about indulging in guilty pleasures.

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We are your Lakewood catering experts! Food Truck Avenue offers an unmatched experience starting from event request through day of services unmatched by traditional caterers. Whether you are looking for food truck service or a buffet with appetizers, we have the knowledge and experience to bring your vision to life.

Need special meal accommodations? Don’t be afraid to ask! We have plenty of options for vegans, vegetarians, gluten free, pork free or any other dietary restrictions you might have.

Colorado-Pig Rig

Catering for any occasion in Lakewood!

  • Birthday Party
  • Graduation Party
  • Family Reunion
  • Anniversary Celebration
  • Movie Night
  • Bar/Bah mitzvah
  • Buffet Service
  • Any Occasion!
  • Corporate Catering
  • Team Building Events
  • Weddings
  • School Events
  • City Events
  • Funerals
  • Baptisms
  • Sunday after Church

We are Catering in Lakewood, Co

World-Class Full-Service Food Truck Catering.

1. Detail Oriented. We take care of all the nitty gritty to make sure you don’t have to think about the food. That’s what you are hiring us to do after all.

2. Positive. Happy team members creating smiles and memories. Our team of professionals are the best of the best. They can cook, dance, and entertain.

3. Reliability. When we make a commitment, you can consider us there. We aren’t for sale to the highest bidder. We are there for you, for your party and your guests. We have multiple trucks that can pick up the slack if one of our trucks go down so we will not leave you hanging.

4. Speedy Service. We know the age-old story about the food truck that took an hour to serve 30 guests. From the moment we start designing a menu we take into account the venue and expectations. As we build around your timeline, we focus the menu into categories that allow for us to be the prelude and not the motion picture taking up your whole event.

Need ideas on where to host a Food Truck party in Lakewood?

While our usual operations don’t involve parking for open retail sales, we’re excited to share some imaginative ideas for hosting captivating food truck parties that can infuse a burst of flavor and fun into any occasions.

Lakewood Heritage Center: Located at 801 S Yarrow St, Lakewood, CO 80226, this is a fantastic venue for hosting a food truck party that combines history and entertainment. This unique historical village museum offers a charming and nostalgic atmosphere, allowing guests to savor gourmet cuisine from food trucks while surrounded by well-preserved historic buildings and interactive exhibits. The center’s picturesque outdoor spaces and educational exhibits create a memorable backdrop for a food truck event that’s both informative and enjoyable for visitors of all ages.

Bear Creek Lake Park: Situated at 15600 W Morrison Rd, Lakewood, CO 80465, this is an ideal location for hosting a food truck party thanks to its stunning lakeshores and expansive open spaces. This picturesque park offers a serene outdoor setting where guests can enjoy gourmet cuisine from food trucks while taking in the scenic views of the lake and the Rocky Mountains. With abundant picnic areas, hiking trails, and water activities, Bear Creek Lake Park provides a versatile and family-friendly environment for a food truck gathering with various recreational opportunities.

Great Frontier Brewing Company: Located at 2010 S Oak St, Lakewood, CO 80227, this is the perfect spot to host a food truck party. With its inviting atmosphere, craft beers, and ample outdoor seating, it offers an excellent setting for guests to relish gourmet cuisine from food trucks while sipping on locally brewed beers. The brewery’s welcoming environment and commitment to the local community make it an ideal venue for a food truck event that combines great food and craft beverages.