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Blog 15: Enjoy Peace of Mind at Food Truck Avenue

Published: 8/18/23

We Offer Diverse Dietary Options for Everyone

Are you looking for delicious and safe catering options? Look no further than Food Truck Avenue! We specialize in providing a wide variety of menu items that cater to all dietary restrictions, including gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, vegan, and vegetarian. Our food is also 100% nut-free due to our safety protocols while working with many schools. With seven unique concepts from which to choose, we will have something perfect for your next event! Let us show you why Food Truck Avenue is the best choice for your catering needs.

How Can I Be Sure the Food Is Safe?

At Food Truck Avenue, we understand the importance of providing safe and delicious meals. Our number one priority is the health and safety of our customers, which means our team is expertly trained in cross-contamination. We take extra precautions to ensure all surfaces are sanitized after each use. 

Our staff is also dedicated to providing a unique catering experience tailored to your dietary needs. With advanced notice for catering services, you can request custom meals that fit those nutritional needs. Even if you walk up to our truck at a street service event, we will do our best to accommodate, but we cannot make any guarantees. Rest assured that when you choose Food Truck Avenue, you can be sure the food is safe and delicious!

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Options for Those with Dietary Restrictions

Our menu has something for everyone! For example, Mac ‘N Noodles offers some great choices for vegetarians. From classic mac ‘n cheese to unique varieties such as Milan and Green Chile, you can enjoy plenty of tasty options without compromising your meatless diet! Those who are gluten-free will love our tacos from Denver Street Tacos and loaded tater tots served at Colorado Pig Rig and Mile High Cheesesteaks

At Food Truck Avenue, there’s sure to be a dish that satisfies your cravings. We also love to change and update our menus and custom-curate meals for events so that everyone is happy, and no one is hungry.

We Care

We put a lot of care into crafting our menus. We understand the importance of providing delicious meals that meet the needs of all guests, no matter their dietary restrictions. Our team members have vegetarian family members who have other dietary restrictions, so it’s very personal for us, in addition to our passion for providing great food to our community.

David, the owner of Food Truck Avenue, said it best, “Our thought is that if we can cook something with love that tastes amazing and meets the needs of our own family, then we will have something to share with all guests for any occasion.”

So, if you’re looking for catering for your next event that caters to the needs of certain dietary restrictions, book a truck with us at Food Truck Avenue! We look forward to working with you and serving food that everyone will love.