Blog 5: Curious About Drop-Off Catering for Your Next Event?

Published: 2/8/22

Here’s Why It’s Awesome!

Top-Tier Catering Has Never Been This Easy (or Delicious!)

Before we start talking about drop-off food truck catering, let’s take a second and observe a moment of silence for all of those otherwise awesome events that cold-cut sandwiches and room-temperature pizza have ruined. It doesn’t matter if you’re at something fancy and formal (like a wedding or business conference) or just a family house party—nothing ruins an otherwise good day like wimpy food.

After all, an event should be just that: an event. People celebrate with their stomachs, and if the food isn’t worth getting excited about, the party definitely won’t be worth getting excited about. Enter: drop-off catering. This is an increasingly popular food truck service that gives you all the badass menu options of a full-service food truck without the hassle of finding a place to park one.

Drop-Off Catering Is Exactly What It Sounds Like. But There’s More!

You can probably guess what “drop-off catering” entails from the name. (HINT: it’s exactly what it sounds like.) Most people don’t understand just how easy this option is—or how many people you can feed at once—with a reasonable budget!

True to their name, drop-off catering orders are large event meals you arrange ahead of time with a local food truck. Many food trucks have access to a commissary or secondary kitchen, which they can use to prepare your meals ahead of time—no truck needed! From there, the food truck will swing by on the day of your event and drop off the food order. As a bonus, this food is going to be hotter, fresher, and tastier than the stuff you’d get from a restaurant order. After all, food trucks are all about serving hot, fresh, and delicious food, a commitment that applies to ALL the food, not just the stuff directly from the truck.

Drop-Off Catering Is Easy. Like, Really Easy.

We’re not joking when we say that drop-off catering is easier than ordering pizzas! As you place your order by total headcount, you’ll never have to worry if you have enough food for your event.  As an added bonus, these meals can be individually wrapped and portioned, which takes some serious hassle out of getting them ready to serve. Depending on what you order, your food truck might also plate and serve these meals for you during the event setup.

Drop-Off Catering Lets You Think Beyond Pre-Wrapped Sandwiches. Way, Way Beyond. 

While a lot of the discussion around drop-off catering focuses on how affordable and easy it is, there’s another huge perk: the food will taste delicious! It doesn’t matter how fancy the pre-packaged foodservice meals you order for an event are: they’re never going to reasonably compete with hot, fresh food truck offerings. The food truck scene in Colorado features unique, imaginative, and—most importantly—delicious food! From artisanal mac n’ cheese to southern-style BBQ, you can bet your favorite foods are waiting in the back of a Denver food truck. Opting for drop-off catering lets you share these favorites with your guests, making the food just as much a cornerstone of the event as the people you share it with.

That’s where we come in.

We’re pretty serious about food trucks if you couldn’t tell by our name (Food Truck Avenue). Whether you’re preparing to serve 20 people or 200, we’ve got all the skills, food, and know-how to ensure guests are talking about your next event for years to come.