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Blog 16: Food Truck Fall Is Almost Here

Published: 8/30/23

 Embrace the Autumn Vibes with Food Truck Avenue

Pumpkin Spice is back again, and people are starting to plan their Halloween costumes. With the autumn season approaching, there’s much to look forward to, from haunted houses to football to changing leaves. If you’re planning a fall event, Food Truck Avenue is the perfect addition to the festivities!

While food trucks are certainly popular during the summer, it’s also fun when fall arrives and the weather starts to cool off. Event guests tend to be more comfortable, and shade-seekers are happy they don’t have to hide from the heat. No matter the time of year, food trucks bring unbeatable energy to any event. They’re not just about food—the fun of choosing your treat, the anticipation while it’s being prepared, and the absolute joy of that first mouthwatering bite. The food truck experience is a year-round delight!

That’s not to say fall catering is without its challenges. The good news is we work to ensure things run smoothly and adapt to the seasonal changes. The main obstacle is that the sun sets earlier this time of year. With less visibility, we use lights to make our trucks detectable in the dark. This way, customers know we are open and ready to serve some tasty food.

We’ve previously catered events such as fall festivals, pumpkin patches, and Halloween parties. Whatever event you’re working on in the coming season, we are happy to be a part of it and take the stress out of the food side.

Our menu is expansive and can accommodate just about any palate. Whether your guests want vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or meat-filled options, we’ve got it all! We offer seven different food truck concepts, so you’re sure to find a tasty meal with us. Our communication is top-notch; you’ll always be in the know about exactly what you’re getting, and we know exactly what you’re looking for.

Are you’re preparing for a sports tailgate or a spooky gathering? Our team at Food Truck Avenue is ready to customize a menu that fits your event. We love coordinating with your event’s theme and vibe, ensuring that the food makes the overall event experience even more awesome!

So, consider hiring us at Food Truck Avenue when planning your next event! Happy Fall, Y’all