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Blog 7: Celebration of Life: Drop-Off Catering Benefits

Published: 5/31/22

We’re here to help make the tough times easier.

A celebration of life is often more detailed than funeral services, which tend to happen more quickly after someone has passed away. Celebrations of life are usually held after the remains have been cared for. You can chose to follow a theme related to their favorite things, play their favorite music, and more. Because these events are less tied to tradition, there is more creative freedom to honor your loved one, however you see fit.

While experiencing a loss, there are many things you may have to get in order, on top of simply dealing with heartache. This may include things like executing their will, selecting a funeral home to host the service and viewing, and even relaying the news of their passing to other friends and family. The last thing you want to do is worry about all of these things while you’re already processing some pretty important emotions.

The good news is that we at Food Truck Avenue offer catering services for your funeral or celebration of life event.

We know you have enough on your plate, which is why we want to make this as easy as possible. At Food Truck Avenue, we have over 40 years of cooking and catering experience. We have plenty of menu and servicing options to suit everyone’s tastes. Our team works to adapt to the various needs of different situations and our attention to detail is always a priority.

Catering options include a Full Meal Buffet, Taco Buffet, BBQ Buffet, Mac n’ Cheese Buffet, Hot Sandwich Buffet, and a taco-only option or Food Truck Service. You can find a comprehensive list of these options and what they include on our website. With plenty of different selections to choose from, you are sure to find something that will help remove the stress of planning the food for your event. Our goal is to put our customers at ease, especially when they are grieving. We’ll handle all the heavy lifting involved with food preparation and set up, while you take time for yourself and your loved ones who are mourning a loss and celebrating the life of the deceased.

We are so sorry for your loss and wish you peace and healing as you process the passing of your loved one and celebrate the life lived.