Blog 8: Cater Your Wedding with Food Truck Avenue

Published: 9/8/22

Food Trucks are a fun and convenient way to feed a wedding!

One of the biggest and best aspects of a wedding is the food. Maybe your venue has a menu, or perhaps you chose to have it catered by another company. What if you host your wedding at a spot that doesn’t offer much in terms of a kitchen or traditional amenities? That’s where we come in! Food trucks are a fantastic and fun way to provide your guests with some great food, especially for weddings held in outdoor spaces such as campgrounds. Let’s take a look at why Food Truck Avenue is your one-stop shop for your rustic wedding location. 

To start, we are very experienced! Our small and passionate team has over 40 years of eclectic cooking and catering experience, making us exceptionally qualified to cater your wedding. Because our team is on the smaller side, we can provide our undivided attention and quality customer service. We will pair you with a catering manager, who will work 1:1 with you to ensure everything runs smoothly. We also have an extensive menu, perfect for serving various food to you and your guests. 

Aside from the fact that we have an incredibly dedicated and experienced team, Food Trucks create a unique experience that will make your wedding stand out from the rest. As we mentioned, some people have weddings in locations that aren’t quite as traditional. This can be especially true for those of us living in Colorado. This state has so much beautiful outdoor scenery to offer! Coloradans love experiencing nature, including camping, hiking, skiing, and more, so it makes sense that we are the type of people who would love to celebrate love in this setting. Food trucks are the perfect pairing with this style of wedding, both aesthetically and practically. They provide a fun, community-aspect and delicious food while also creating a simple catering experience. 

At Food Truck Avenue, we have an array of catering options for your wedding. These include buffet service, custom buffet, and food truck service. From Mac ‘n Cheese to Tacos, we have many fantastic options for you! Check out our wedding catering section for more information!

We are so excited to celebrate love and to cater our customers’ special days. We hope you are just as excited to have us there as we help you along the way, serving the best catering experience possible.